How To Use At Home IPL Hair Removal Handset To Get Better Result?


Shaving and Waxing are passe. And so is hitting parlors or clinics every week and spending hundreds of dollars to remove body hair.

The smarter women (and men) of today have taken up at home IPL hair removal.

Before you jump to buy a tech-advanced handset yourself, there are a handful of things that you must know about its usability. Nothing much really. Just the basics to ensure you’re getting a better, dream-like result from your at-home hair IPL hair removal handset.

1. Buy a Good Quality Handset

You simply can't expect a good result from a bad quality at-home IPL hair removal handset, can you? So, it's important that you purchase your handset from a renowned brand who already touts a good following of happy customers/users.

Not only will you get a good quality product from such top brands, BUT you can also strike a good deal to make a very affordable purchase.

2. It’s Quick- But Don’t Rush…

A good quality at-home IPL hair removal handset is incredibly quick and easy to use. However, this doesn’t call in for carelessness when using it. Don't rush through the process. Let the IPL finish destroying the hair cells on the spot before moving forward to another spot.

It's just a matter of a few minutes really. So, don't exceedingly hurry.

3. Follow The User Guide Religiously

It's fine that you're reading tips and tricks online to use at-home IPL hair removal handset. However, what you read online doesn’t supplement for what the user guide of the handset tells you to do.

So, take your time to read the usage guidelines that your handset comes with. Make sure to go through every point even when they sound redundant and too common. You don’t want to skip even the smallest details.

4. Have Enough Patience

An at home IPL hair removal handset won't magically swoosh away all your body hair in minutes, in the first use. You will notice results after 3-4 treatments with complete results after around 12 treatments.

5. Smile During The Process

When you are looking forward to enjoying at home IPL hair removal session and not spending huge bucks in a clinic, a great smile should light up your face! Congrats that you have chosen one of the best handsets! When you prance around in joy thinking of a super-smooth velvety skin with the mini 'wow' handset in tow, stretch your smile as big as you can, as it is super cosy for the pocket and live up to your expectations of gifting you a body sans hair.

These are the 5 things you must know to get a better result from the at-home IPL hair removal handset. So, make your purchase today and welcome newer and aesthetically appealing days for your body.