Is Your Skin Tone Too Dark For At-Home IPL Hair Removal?

Imagine this… You get your at home IPL hair removal device delivered to your address. And then you find out that it isn’t really suitable for your skin tone.

This is why doing thorough research before purchasing your IPL device is so important.

By “researching” we mean you do more than just Google, and look beyond the price.

One of the key things is to be certain about what skin tones will the device work on. This is essential for those whose skin DOES NOT grade on the skin tone chart.

Read The Descriptions Thoroughly

This is, of course, the first thing you should do. Read the product description and other necessary labels. Most of these IPL devices advertise the kind of skin tones they are designed to work on.

Talk To Brand's Customer Support

If what you read is vague and you’re still confused, the next best thing is to talk to the brand's customer support.

Top companies, that really offer superior-quality product, usually have a robust support system. Give them a call. Email them. Or, reach out to them through social media.

Talk to them about your concerns and ask questions. Be clear and detailed in what you say. Follow their instructions. And then make your purchase decision only when you’re fully satisfied.

Read the Return and Refund Policy

This is for that "what if" situation and is so important to familarise yourself with.

What if even after all your research you end up buying an at home IPL hair removal device that isn’t right for your skin tone?

If that happens, you would want to return the device and get a refund. (Either that, or you can gift that to your BFF.)

This is why you should read the company's return and refund policy.

Be A Smart Buyer

It isn’t difficult buying an IPL device. You don’t have to stress, just keep your eyes open and be a smart buyer. Know what you need and buy accordingly. The rest will follow.

Purchase the right at home IPL hair removal device and rock a perfect, hair-free beach body.