Let’s Understand “The Math” Of Getting a Hairless Body

You would think getting a hairless body is a very simple procedure. But this is far from reality as beyond the anxiety and satisfaction of a clean physique, there’s a lot of maths. And you don’t even need to be a math wiz to understand it. It begins with a simple question:

How much money do you spend in one session of IPL hair removal?

It's Too (Damn) Expensive!

A session of a IPL hair removal at a decent clinic can be anywhere between $150 and $500 depending on the size of area being treated.

Now, if you're one of those who are in love with smooth, supple skin all year round, you would likely have to return back to get the treatment again 4-6 weeks later from the previous session. And this would become a regular affair.

Even if you’re of that bunch who don't mind some length of body hair, you too, would have to get the appointment somewhere within 10 weeks.

Now get your calculator ready!

A session costs, say on a global average, $300. And you go for the treatment 7 times a year to achieve a decently, non-glossy appearance. That would total to $2,100. Two thousand and one-hundred dollars. (Read that in bold!)

Well, hello there, celebrity!

Are You Fine with That?

Are you really fine spending that much of your hard-earned money every year just to achieve a hairless body?

There are people who have managed to travel to London (and live there for a couple of days) with a lesser sum than that. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can literally enjoy a luxury vacation to your "dream city" in the country with $2,100.

Still, think the money is well spent? No, right? NOT at least today when there’s a much lower-cost and better alternative available.

Purchase an At Home IPL Hair Removal Handset

Not only are these handsets very easy to use, but they are also very effective. And the best part? They are super low-cost and affordable.

At Happy Skin Co, we offer the best home IPL handset at just $299 AUD. As the first at-home IPL hair removal company, ours is a product that’s already playing a favorite to thousands of women and men. It is available in two color variants: Gloss Pink and Matte White. Assuring you of maximum convenience on proper treatments, the IPL handset is all you need to achieve a glamorous hairless body.

And, oh, our handset comes with a 12-month warranty, also assuring to last about 5 full years with proper usage and handling.

Now get your calculator ready again.

A $299 AUD investment comparing to the per-year cost of hitting a clinic seven times, which is $2,100.

You save $1,801. Still enough to enjoy a perfect vacation with your family. And let’s not forget the non-monetary benefit of at-home convenience that one of these IPL hair removal handsets bring.

Still Thinking?

Even when the above calculations aren't accurate to the point, it's still a simple fact: getting a hair removal handset can save you more than a thousand as opposed to going to a clinic.

So, stop thinking. Excel in budget management. Make your purchase for the best home IPL handset today and say goodbye to the expense of visiting clinics.

Achieving a hairless and attractive body shouldn't be an expensive affair anymore. Technology has changed.