Planning Laser Hair Removal At Home? Few Myths Debunked With Facts

Are you tired of itching and poor in growths every time you try shaving and waxing to get rid of excess body hair? While shaving makes your skin rough, waxing slowly removes the protective lipid layer and gives way to rashes on your skin. Have you finally considered getting laser hair removal technique done? This is a wonderful decision as doctors also suggest this as a very effective and secure hair removal technique.

Today, there are devices available in the market that helps in laser hair removal at home. Without causing dermatitis and pigmentation later, laser technique is a recommended way to stay beautiful in your own skin.

So, have you bought the device for at home laser hair removal procedure? Before you begin, here are some myths about laser hair removal process debunked with correct facts.

It Causer Denser And More Frequent Hair Growth

People have the popular misconception that laser hair removal technique causes denser and more frequent hair growth in the near future. But according to experts and doctors, this process reduces between 10 percent and 25 percent in hair growth and with successive sessions, the density and thickness of the hair growth rate also decrease.

Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Safe

This is another myth which is quite common. But the fact is, if you use the best at home laser hair removal machine that is certified by dermatologists and reliable to use, you can be tension free. The FDA approved systems are recommended by doctors.

This Process Exposes Skin To Harmful Radiation

Lack of knowledge has given way to this myth and people believe that each and every laser hair removal device is dangerous as it emits harmful radiations. According to reports from leading dermatologists, the FDA approved and certified devices for this process are safe and do not emit any sort of ray.

One Sitting Is Enough For Permanent Hair Removal

If you try the best ipl laser hair removal at home and expect to get rid of body hair permanently, you are highly mistaken. Several sessions are needed with additional treatments to give you long-lasting results. Depending on the type of hair you have got, with genetic factors combined, the number of sittings is recommended, though generally, 6 to 8 are enough.

Causes Burns And Injuries

Not all skin type has to go through burns or small injuries with laser hair removal process. But, dark skin is more prone to such incidents, though good pre- and post-treatment medications recommended by your dermatologist can lower such chances.

Gives Way To Excruciating Pain

Are you scared of laser hair removal treatment as it might cause agonizing pain? You will just face some pinprick sensation and not more than that.

It Is a Costly Procedure

Did you think that this process is highly expensive? Well, back to back shaving and waxing sessions require the good amount of investment, and a onetime buy of a device for best laser hair removal at home is reasonable in the long run!