Planning IPL Hair Removal At Home? Few Myths Debunked With Facts


At HomeĀ IPL Hair Removal

Are tired of itching and poor ingrowths every time you try shaving and waxing to get rid of excess body hair? While shaving makes your skin rough, waxing slowly removes the protective lipid layer and gives way to rashes on your skin. Have you finally considered gettingĀ IPL hair removal done? This is a wonderful decision as doctors also suggest this as a very effective and secure hair removal technique.

Today, there are handsets available that brings salon-grade like IPLĀ hair removal at home. Without causing dermatitis and pigmentation later,Ā IPL is a recommended way to stay beautiful in your own skin.

So, have you bought the handset for your at homeĀ IPL hair removalĀ treatments? Before you begin, here are some myths aboutĀ IPL hair removal process debunked with correct facts.

It Causes Denser And More Frequent Hair Growth

People have the popular misconception thatĀ IPL hair removal causes denser and more frequent hair growth in near future. But according to experts and doctors, this process reduces between 10 percent and 25 percent in hair growth and with successive sessions, the density and thickness with the hair growth rate also decreases.

IPLĀ Hair Removal Isnā€™t Safe

This is another myth which is quite common. But the fact is, if you use the best at homeĀ IPL hair removal handset that complies with international health and safety guidelines, you can be tension free.

This Process Exposes Skin To Harmful Radiation

Lack of knowledge has given way to this myth and people believe that each and everyĀ IPL hair removal device is dangerous as it emits harmful radiations. In fact, IPL has been around for 20+ years, and is not based on radiation or UV lights which means IPL canā€™t cause any nasty diseases.

One Sitting Is Enough ForĀ IPL Hair Removal

If you try the best IPL hair removal at home and expect to get rid of body hair after that one treatment, you are highly mistaken. Several sessions are needed with additional treatments to give you long-lasting results. Depending on the type of hair you have got, with genetic factors combined, the number of sittings is recommended, though generally 8 to 12 are enough.

Causes Burns And Injuries

Not all skin type has to go through burns or small injuries withĀ IPL hair removal process. But, dark skin is more prone to such incidents. To see if your skin is suitable, view our skin-tone chart here

Gives Way To Excruciating Pain

Are you scared ofĀ IPL hair removal as it might cause agonising pain? We have good news for you, most of our customers describe the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin.

It Is A Costly Procedure

Did you think that this process is highly expensive? Well, back-to-back shaving and waxing sessions AND spending thousands of dollars of salon treatments require good amount of investment, and a onetime buy of the bestĀ IPL hair removal at home handset is reasonable in the long run!