The Unreasonable Myths About IPL Hair Removal Busted With Facts

One of the most popular and effective non-surgical cosmetic methods, IPL hair reduction treatment is widely acknowledged these days, especially by women. But there is still a major part who cannot completely rely on this procedure and end up continuing with the hassles of shaving and waxing. 

Are you one of them?

Well, the lack of proper knowledge can be quite dangerous, and this is the main reason why you refrain from trying the IPL treatment for reducing hair growth completely.

According to several reports, this go-to procedure definitely gives way to smooth and hairless skin.  But not all of us are completely enlightened with the facts and only think about the improbable repercussions that can be harmful to our skin.  To make sure that you are not misguided with myths, here are some of the misconceptions regarding IPL hair removal treatment debunked with relevant facts.

Causes Denser Hair Growth In Near Future

You might have believed in the most common myth that dictates IPL hair treatment to be a reason why someone’s hair growth becomes thicker and more visible or denser. But this is absolutely false as the wide pulsed light beams that are zapped on the skin transforms into heat and is quite effective. On getting this treatment done, people can easily notice a major reduction in thickness, density and growth rate of body hair.

IPL Is Harmful To The Skin

Many carry this misconception that the light energy may be unsafe for skin and the radiation causes skin cancer. According to experts and dermatologists, IPL hair removal treatments are safe, IPL has been around for 20+ years, and is not based on radiation or UV lights which means it cant cause any nasty diseases.

One Single Session Is Enough For Results

You might start the treatment thinking one single session is enough to get the best results. Whether you visit a salon or buy at home IPL hair removal device, never is one sitting enough to give you results.  Several treatments are required to get significant hair reduction results. A lot of factors can have an impact on the number of times you have to get this treatment done so that a great outcome can be ensured.

Causes Minor To Major Burns With Pain

If you follow all precautionary guidelines that are set out in the Happy Skin Co IPL Hair Removal Handset user guide, this will minimise any risk of a reaction. Many might feel believe that this is a painful, however most customers describe the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin and nothing more.

Only Possible At And Salons

You can definitely achieve the same results as you would from a salon. You can simply buy the IPL hair removal handset, follow the steps on the user guide and start the treatments all from the comfort of your own home. This Treatment Is Not Possible In Summer

IPL hair removal methods are possible during all seasons. If your skin is too sensitive and might get rashes on hot sultry days, you can ask your dermatologist for the best suited time for you.