This Easter Take The Off-Beat Route And Gift This Power-Packed IPL Device

Easter is approaching soon and you must be spooling out the guest list for that gala party! Well, from choosing the best gifts for those adults and kids where bunnies seem to lace everything , why not plan something different this Easter? From the yummy sweet treats to scented candles, chocolate eggs resembling chocolates in alluring gift boxes are all fine, but what about pampering your loved ones with something more hygiene-friendly, putting an end to body hair removal woes. Check out the best IPL handset offered in two colours, glossy pink and matte white by the reputed brand, Happy Skin Co. If you are looking for at home IPL hair removal session indoors, this device offers the best solution! 

If you are thinking why will you buy this device, read on:

  • You get to see results after a very few sessions from the initial days of usage.

  • There is very little or no pain at all, only a mild hot feeling is experienced when the device touches the skin and does its job 

  • After 12 sessions, the full circle of the IPL hair removal treatment gets completed

  • The handset fits in your palm so putting it in any pouch of your handbag or anywhere is damn easy- thumbs up to its portability quotient! 

  • The only prep that is required is a complete shave of the area to be treated for the upcoming session

  • A few words of caution that you should pay heed to. If you are a tattoo lover, do not use over it. If you had a spray tan within the last 2 weeks, it is advisable don't use this handset. 

    So celebrate the festive spirit in a joyous mood and buy online this wonder device that not only promises but offers a commendable performance trashing all body hair issues. Engage in a happy online shopping spree of this IPL handset from the reputed brand, Happy Skin Co. At home IPL hair removal sessions can be rewarding, try it out yourself now!