HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
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HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset

HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset

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Introducing the HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset, your gateway to flawlessly smooth skin that exudes luxury and elegance. Bid farewell to pesky unwanted hair and slay hello to the convenience of effortlessly silky skin, all from the comfort of your own home. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards a new level of skin perfection.

Why should you choose the HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset? Let's explore why you’ll be getting faster hair removal results than ever before!

  • Shimmering Energy Frequency: With an impressive energy frequency range of 6-26j, this handset delivers optimal power to zap away unwanted hair with ease. Goodbye, hairy dilemmas; hello, radiantly smooth skin!
  • Swift Transformation: Witness accelerated progress as you embark on your hair removal journey. The HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset's remarkable efficiency brings visible results within a mere 2-3 weeks. That’s a 25-33% improvement compared to previous HappySkin models, bringing you closer to your desired smoothness in record time. You can expect to see full hair loss results in just 8-10 weeks!
  • Ice Cooling Technology: Indulge in the epitome of soothing and comfortable sessions with cutting-edge Ice Cooling Technology. With a temperature range of 0-5 degrees, this innovative feature has been meticulously crafted for individuals with sensitive skin. Enjoy a gentle and calming treatment that goes above and beyond to prioritise your ultimate comfort and well-being.
  • Sapphire Crystal Precision: Experience the pinnacle of performance with the sapphire crystal light window. This exceptional material not only enhances the IPL's power but also conducts heat away, ensuring a gentle and precise treatment.
  • Dazzling Wave Length: Harnessing the magic of light, the HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset operates at a wave length of 550nm - 1100nm, making it a true beauty wizard. It precisely targets the hair follicles while keeping your skin safe and sound.
  • Eternal Lamp Life: Imagine having a hair removal buddy that never runs out of flashes. The HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset boasts a remarkable lamp life of 999k flashes! That's enough to last over 20 years, making it the most loyal and enduring companion in your beauty arsenal.
  • Modes For Your Moods: With three operating modes, auto, manual and glide, you'll have the option to mindlessly zap away hair without pressing a button or control every single flash! It's up to you! 
  • Efficiency Queen: This handset works wonders on various body parts, including the legs, underarms, bikini line, and even the delicate facial areas. You can even choose from 5 different intensity levels so you find the perfect setting for your skin tone! 
  • Safety First: Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities. The HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset is thoughtfully engineered with built-in safety features to protect your skin from any potential harm. Rest assured, the IPL will only flash when the light window is fully pressed against the skin, eliminating the possibility of accidental flashes.

Experience the unmatched convenience and power of the HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset for swift and effective hair removal at your fingertips.




“I’ve only been using this handset for a couple of weeks and can already see results! AMAZING!”


“I hate shaving, but I LOVE happy skin co. Results are FAB, I couldn’t believe it.”


“My arms are the smoothest they've ever been. No more hair.”


“I can't believe the difference this handset has made. I hardly have to shave anymore.”


“Because my skin is so light the hair really stands out. After 8 weeks, I am confident in myself and don't even have to shave anymore before my sessions.”


“My legs have completely transformed with the help of this handset!”


“I had a little bit of hair growth on my chin. Nothing too crazy but it bothered me. I picked up a HappySkinCo handset and it really helped me eliminate those hairs in just a few weeks. So glad I have this for the future keep my hair under control.”

Jennifer G

“I struggle with hormonal hair growth on my chin and when I have shaved previously it leaves my skin irritated with little red bumps. This handset has helped with hair growth and the little red bumps. So glad I bought one of these :)”

Olivia S

“My underarms are hair-free thanks to HappySkinCo”